The Story Behind Our Name


The Hannah Project has its origins in the faith community. An outgrowth of Cornerstone Community Church of God in Christ, the Hannah Project was organized in 2006 as a response to parents in the congregation concerned with the academic performance of their children. Many of the parents had not attended college , but wanted their children to accomplish what they had not. When thinking about a name for this effort, the story of Hannah came to mind.


The biblical Hannah was barren, which was a great source of humiliation in that day. In her desperation, she prayed fervently for a son. She vowed that if God gave her a son, she would dedicate him to the service of the Lord.  In answer, the text reads that, “The Lord remembered her.” (Samuel 1:19) In time, she conceived a son and named him Samuel. After his birth, she honored her covenant and turned Samuel over to the priest Eli to be trained in the ways  of the God.  Samuel went on to be the last of Israel’s judges, its first prophet and counselor to its first King, David.


Like the biblical Hannah, the Hannah Project hears and sees the prayers and desperation of mothers who want the best for their children and families and other underserved students in Marin.  Our programs are designed to build the capacity and confidence of students and their families to achieve their dreams.


Address: Address: 200 Gate Five Road, Suite 205, Sausalito, CA 94965   | Phone: 415-887-9740  |  Fax: 415-887-9770

Mailing Address: 3001 Bridgeway, #442, Sausalito, CA  94965

Office Hours: 10 – 5  Mon-Thurs | Closed Friday

Prep 4Success: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 4:30 pm–6:30pm

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