What Does the Partnership Believe?


  • Believe communities, along with families, are the core partners with schools in improving educational outcomes for students;
  • Believe that community based strategies are not only effective in improving student learning and achievement, but can foster an environment that promotes and rewards scholarship and diligence;
  • Believe that  communities and families must take every opportunity to reinforce character, achievement, career and college graduation.


What is the Partnership’s formula for success?

The Partnership collaborative is convinced that by:

  • Improving core academic skill and proficiency;
  • Strengthening parental support and involvement;
  • Exposing kids early to college and career options;
  • Providing social and emotional support mechanisms;
  • Expanding options for self-discovery and expression through travel, service, and cultural exploration;
  • Not only will students thrive, but a nucleus — a cohort — of learners will help reverse the gap of low educational performance.


What value does the Partnership bring to closing the achievement gap?


  • Cultural competence;
  • Community experience and knowledge;
  • Common values and approach; and
  • Mutual accountability for outcomes.


What students will you target and what does the Partnership hope to achieve at the student level?

As community based organizations, we do not have the luxury to “pick the talented tenth.”  We must work to raise the level of achievement for all residents and ensure that every child has access to programs and supports that will help them become successful students.

Freedom School Dates for 2019: June 24 - August 2, 2019


Address: Address: 825 Drake Avenue, Marin City, CA  94965

Mailing Address: 3001 Bridgeway, #422, Sausalito, CA  94965

Phone: 415-887-9740

Fax: 415-887-9770


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