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Job Description

Freedom Schools® paid Servant Leader Interns facilitate a literacy rich curriculum during the mornings, supervise campus wide activities in the afternoons and chaperone scheduled field trips with 3rd to 8th grade scholars.  Interns also help serve breakfast, snack, and lunch.  Attendance at several parent meetings during the summer, typically on weeknights, is expected. Freedom School will be held Monday through Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm, June 19th – July 28th. Interns also attend a week long training in Knoxville, TN June 4th – 11th. Travel expenses are paid.



  • Serve as energetic leaders during Harambee, the morning gathering.
  • Deliver the Integrated Reading Curriculum to a class of ten scholars for 6 weeks.
  • Serve as leaders of afternoon activities.
  • Collaborate with the program staff to establish and maintain a positive, supportive and structured environment for the children entrusted to
    their care.
  • Maintain health and safety standards & accurate records relating to attendance, assessment and first aid.
  • Set-up, maintain and breakdown classroom space.



At least 19 years old, enrolled in college and completed at least 1 year of undergraduate studies with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or college graduate with a minimum GPA of 3.0.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at The Hannah Project 415-887-9740


About Freedom Schools®

Founded in 1995 by the Children’s Defense Fund, Freedom Schools® program is a direct service initiative which provides summer options for scholars while strengthening parent and community involvement in the year-round achievement of scholars.  Freedom Schools® serve 3rd-8th grade scholars for six weeks teaching integrate reading, conflict resolution, and social action in an activity-based curriculum that promotes social, cultural, and historical awareness.


Built around the theme “I Can Make a Difference in Myself, My Family, My Community, My Country and My World with Hope, Action and Education,” Freedom Schools® provide a literacy-rich, culturally-inspiring curriculum in which scholars learn to love to read and explore STEAM activities. Using multicultural role models, community guests who share personal stories of making a difference, cooperative games, and activities for critical thinking, the children gain confidence and skills to strengthen their school-year performance.


Application Instructions

Please download and complete this form Freedom School SLI Application 2017
Once complete, please email application to jchindo@hannahprograms.org.


For further information please call Jennifer at 415-887-9740.


Freedom School Dates for 2017: June 19 – July 28 2017


Address: 441 Drake Avenue, Marin City, CA 94965

Phone: 415-887-9740

Fax: 415-887-9770


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