The mission of the Hannah Project is to boost the academic proficiency and college attendance of Marin City and other low income youth of color by working in partnership to promote a community culture that encourages achievement, celebrates heritage, and equips families and students with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.



An engaged community that values children, education, service, and culture and is committed to passing on these ideals to ensure intergenerational cohesion, vibrancy and success.



We believe that communities and families play essential roles in eradicating the achievement gap and we work alongside them to set high standards and expectations for student achievement. But we also know that that alone is not enough. Race, class, privilege, and poverty are primary contributors to the achievement gap and major factors in its persistence. We believe that overcoming the achievement gap and the institutional racism that perpetuates it requires an approach that couples individual success strategies with advocacy and community engagement. The Hannah Project offers a continuum of programs and services to give young people the confidence, skills, ability, and mindset  to actualize their potential and realize their dreams.



Saving a Generation (SAGE)

Saving a Generation (SAGE) is an education focused community change collaborative comprised of parents, school officials, educators, CBOs, students and community stakeholders Organized and staffed by the Hannah Project, constituents come together in a learning group environment to review performance data; develop collective strategies and solutions to mitigate multi-layered aspects of the achievement gap.  Divided into working groups that focus on specific aspects of the achievement gap, identified priorities  include the reinstatement of  15 infant  care slots lost with the closing of the Bailey Infant Center; creation of  a preschool option for 20-30 Marin City  toddlers and 4 year olds whose families do not qualify for state funded childcare; improving the academic outcomes of Marin City students enrolled in local schools;  identifying and addressing instances of institutional racism in area school districts.



Partnering with Parents

Parent engagement is a critical component of  bridging the achievement gap for students of color. Hannah Programs addresses this by encouraging parent engagement in all areas of their children's development. Assisting parents develop the skill set to do this work is an important strategy underpinning each Hannah program.


Leadership development  is an important part of Hannah's parent engagement activities. Enhancing confidence, knowledge, and commitment within our parent community is the way Hannah promotes positive, sustainable community change. We encourage parent participation on school boards, site councils, community boards and serving as strong advocates for their children's education.













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